The Stewart Family in New Guinea, March 2020

Hi everyone!

We have been meaning to write you for a while to let you know how things are going here in Papua New Guinea but our situation was changing almost daily. Now things have finally settled down for a little bit and we have a chance to breathe and check in with you.

We have had only one confirmed case of COVID-19 in PNG so far but the PNG government is watching closely as the virus spreads around the world and taking measures now to prepare for it and minimize the impact to this country.

This is the public statement from our branch administration about what we are doing here:

“SIL-PNG is complying in full with the requirements of the State of Emergency [SoE] announced by Prime Minister James Marape on Sunday 22nd March.  The SoE was initiated on Tuesday, 24th March. The Ukarumpa Centre and all Regional Centres are practicing appropriate self-isolation protocols.

Our Ukarumpa Clinic staff remain vigilant and are examining any and all patients who present with COVID-type sympt…

The Rich Family in Brazil, March 2020

A "Hairy" Experience
"Suddenly, there was a piercing pain like someone jabbed my heel with a needle," Rachel recounts. It was our first night in a local Portuguese-speaking community's church near the village, where Ed was invited to teach. Rachel looked around for the culprit that bit her as she was getting up from kneeling during prayer time. Later, she spotted a large hairy spider and had the lady in the next pew get rid of it.

It wasn't until we were getting out of our boat at our village that she told me about her arachnid encounter. When we got home, she had me use our retrofitted stun gun to zap the bite several times. She says it helped with the pain. By the next day, she said the bite wasn't bothering her much anymore.

We had gotten to the village the week before, and it took some time to clean and organize our house. Most of our villagers were in town, so language learning opportunities were a bit sparse. Ed and I went to the next vi…

The Rich Family in Brazil, February 2020


When the Enemy is upset, we must be doing something right. Our mission made headlines this month because an anthropologist, who was formerly a member of the mission, was appointed to a high position in the government organization that oversees indigenous affairs. Particularly, he was put over the section that deals with uncontacted tribes. This sparked outrage in the media and digging up all the past garbage they could on the mission: some true, some half true, and some false. The Enemy does not want any infiltration of his strongholds and he doesn't care about truth or fairness.The new mission helicopter, which has begun operating, has also come up in the news.

The Past Month
In our little corner of Brazil, there are still rumors. Ed just got back from a short time in the village. He talked to A, one of the guys who is reported to oppose us at meetings. Ed explained to him that we got authorization to be there and showed him the document that the village leadership h…

Heather MacKnee, February 2020

Courage Update February 19, 2020
    How is 2020 going for all of you? As I’ve been praying for Christians in China and Burkina Faso lately who are courageously living out their faith, I’ve been thinking of how all of us need a  lot of courage to live for Jesus in this dark world. I’ve been blessed to visit with some of our former Candelero Kids these past 2 months and I’ll start this update talking about them.

    Roberto went to the YWAM Home outside of Santa Cruz in 2009 after coming to our Support Center for a year. In January, he told me that he is so thankful to God for Candelero Kids and YWAM. “Where would I be if I didn’t know the Lord and have the help you all offered me?”, he said. He is studying engineering in Santa Cruz but goes to the Home 3 times a month to visit and encourage the boys there to persevere and not give in to going back to the street. It was so neat to visit with him when he came to Tarija. Marcial took big steps of faith as he studied medicine in Sucre …

Brian and Rachel Rich, January 2020

TravelingAre you ready to go back? Many people have asked us that. My response is: I don't think we would ever be fully ready. It reminds me of jumping off a cliff into a lake. You stand there on the edge, cringing because you know the sinking feeling of freefalling and the sting of hitting the water. I am never ready to jump off. But at some point, I just have to force myself to step off the edge. All of our flights were on time, our baggage made it, and we had no problems with customs. However, David got the stomach flu the night before we left and his stomach bothered him most of the day. Then I got it too. Now we are waiting to see who is the next lucky victim. On the same day we were flying, our co-worker, Ed, went into the village. Then later that afternoon, a friend from another community was bitten by a snake, so Ed took him to town for treatment. AdjustingSo now we have a week to shop for some things here in Manaus, send a few volumes by barge, then fly to our base town. It …

Stephen Newton, February 2020

When It Rains It Pours For those of you who have spent time in the tropics, you are familiar with the sudden downpour of rain this part of the world gets. The weather changes quickly and can go from sunshine to a dark wall of rain very quickly. It is not only the weather which changes quickly, but life circumstances as well. As soon as the rain comes; however, it goes and the sun shines again. The past several weeks have been the busy season for PMA in Palau, and though we found ourselves few in number, the Lord gave us the strength, endurance, and wisdom to continue with operations.
I had mentioned the arrival of a new pilot in my previous newsletter. He and his family have arrived, and they have been a great blessing to the team here. I have been able to share with him what I know of the flying down here, and he has done well and has begun flying on his own.
One of our team went on a long awaited vacation to see her family in the Philippines, which led to me being stretched in new ways…

Bonner Gospel Mission June 2019

Dear Friends,

Matthew 18:21-22 KJV Then came Peter to Him, and said, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven."

As hard as it is, we are called to forgive. Sometimes we're not quite ready to forgive someone who's wronged us. We want some time to stew on it, thinking of w3ays we can take revenge, or even hope something bad happens to them. It takes a lot of time and effort to not forgive. Unforgiveness can consume our time and thoughts causing bitterness, anger and rage. Then before we know it, we begin to suck others into it with slander and gossip.

Eph 4:31-32 tells us to "get rid of all these feelings, be kind, compassionate and forgive each other just as God in Christ forgave you." When we put things into perspective, God loves the other person you need to forgive just as much as He loves you. That's why He…